How do i pay my rent?

You use your Kindness Credit Account to cover the amount of ALL the liabilities of the party who thought they had to charge you slave tokens to turn back into credit to "pay" discharge their utility charges. You do financial logic on them , how much of the money that i was paying in rent cover all your liabilities every month ? How much are your overheads, Gas/ Water/Council Tax/Debt/ Charges? If i am giving you 1/4 of that what do you have to do for the rest ?

You use the "Extend My Kindness" process which is where you send their proton email address to thekindnesscredits@protonmail.com from your proton email with your Kindness Credit Account on and we send them an account number and login details, whatever they "claim" and "assign" to the account to discharge is now the "value" of you exercising the right of use of the property. In other words if you were paying 700 slave tokens, you were creating 7000 in debt every time you paid them and then they created another 7000 in debt when they used them to "pay" for their liabilities with. You are both immediately stopped from creating debt.  Now your landlord is not an unpaid credit broker for the bank for either the mortgage or extorting funds on their behalf from you. You "pay" by Kindness credits credit.

How can i travel ?

You go into your Kindness credit account to library and whatever you sent in the original email is going to populate your documents so make sure its right.

In there you will find different tabs depending what you want to do. A live Born record or Evidence of life form will be downloaded and you have your "life' evidenced .. that can be done by following the steps inside the document instructions of use. You can then, if you decide, apply for a passport with that instead of the Birth certificate or just use that

How do i operate in slave ville without any I.D ?

Your Minister EMOVEN Warranty card covers and reserves all your rights... this means all those rights you have that up until now you were buying back as a privilege are now unable to be assumed or presumed to have been granted to the corporations. If you have caused harm there will be a right of use granted to those permitted to "trade" with your shares to release the equity to discharge the loss or to compensate. However harm can not be bought off with Kindness credits and should you cause harm it will be for the victim to determine what remedy they require not a interloping intermediary, laundering and profiteering from the liabilities. The victim will make an application to Ministry of Remedy.MinistryofRemedy@protonmail.com and will initiate a case.

How do i buy or sell a house or discharge a Mortgage ?

You broker open your own credit file by downloading and learning the process set out in the document in your library headed "How Do I Broker Open My Own Credit File? " it is the same as what you do at the moment except you are doing your own brokerage. You create the credit by filing a claim for the amount you require, you upload the Kindness Credit claim that replaces the previous mortgage brokers charge and enter the credit note you have created and credited to your account by uploading it into your My Ledger part of your account. Effectively you just remortgaged your right of use to your own trust lent your trust the money then discharged the charge . exactly what happens already except you had to pay someone for the privilege of doing what you can now do yourself... You just bought your own "debt" how can you do that.. well you created it and only you can settle it. If you pay for it you never settle it because your using currency that depends on the debt to have any value, what is that currency backed by then... your indebted mind. What did you just do ? exchanged your indebted mind for one that knows it has none. And you recorded it as an irrevocable deed. Leaving a fully accountable transparent ledger of simple entries, credits and valid claims... that you made and remedied.

What if someone wants to buy the title ? The trust who you have assigned your title to ( your family trust) creates a trust for the buyer ( their family trust) the title is assigned to them through a "Right of Use" of perpetuity and the Land Registry, if it still exists, then gets notified of a TR1 that the title that you have already transferred to your trust is transferred to another family trust, no monetary exchange .. no tax. You just created yourself a tax haven and your community just gained a new beneficiary through you helping them.. The documents to do this are under the tab heading "Conveyance and Exemplification"

What if the police stop me?  Where is your contract... ?  not just them.... you ? Where is YOUR  contract with them ? Do you have one ? Do you have one of their copyrighted logos to identify yourself with? No. Do you have a contract with only the Divine.. whatever that is .. the indefinable divine? Yes .. what does it look like... it looks like U .. You are it ... here is your face on a document that states, i am Minister EMOVEN, ministering my own energy and matter in movement all rights assigned into Universal Law... severing all other presumptions from ever being made.

Thanks! Message sent.