Kindness Credits U

step 1 : browse through original and handmade natural creations with Kindness at heart. By clicking on the Button below

Order . You can book Holidays, Training original produce and products  and natural remedies of course as well as legal aid assistance, all created by your community and brought to you without supporting the corporations and terrorist governments and taxation theft by not using the slave tokens in your transaction

Step 2: Fill in your Kindness Credit Claim Form and email to us at and your requirements are covered without supporting systems that are not deserving of your credit

Step 3 The Universal Law Community Trust discharges your liabilities, needs and requirements by your creation of a Kindness Credit Account you convert your energy through this account and Kindness Credits delivers what you claimed.

Step 4 Your treasury account is "debited" for the equivalent in slave tokens and your choice supported freedom.

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First Kindness Credits Delivery Arrival.
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