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Ministry of Remedies 

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Ministry of Remedies and The Ministry of Remedy

: came into being due to the lack of remedy offered by corporations acting as a Trust.
The fact we exist in this capacity is proof of the fact previously we have none.
Had we had then this platform would not exist.
We are therefore obligated under The Law to create a structure that provides this.
So what does the MoR do ? The Ministry of Remedy provides a platform where
only facts backed by evidence are ever considered a valid claim.
This jurisdiction is one of Universal Law which governs us all inherently, whether that is the food you eat, its claim to be food only valid if it causes no harm, or your energy creation, the way you travel, the way you sleep, the way you heal yourself, and the way you implement your rights to be free as long as you do no harm to yourself or others or your environment. Remedying the way you live.
If harm has been done then it breaches Universal Law whether that is with a piece of paper or a pill.
Whether that is with you food or your energy, if harm can be proven to be done then under Universal Law Ministered by Ministry of Remedy remedy has to be ministered.
Now you can start off Ministering yourself, you do this by making your own decisions instead of being governed or ordered. You can take small steps by remedying your health to begin with by accessing Ministry of Remedies ~ Kindness Credit (re)sources.
Every item you find within the Kindness Credit pages is created by hand, in alignment with our Earth and with Kindness and Love poured into each item.
Whether that is your food or your healing you will find only remedy and no harm. The Remedy to Terrorism is to stop funding it so with every exchange made through Kindness Credits your energy has been assigned to a non terrorism platform that heals instead of harms. This is the real assignment of consent, not the paper, the paper is for the fictional realm to help you secure your mind.
By securing your mind, which comes through being able to discern fact from fiction, consent from force, convenience from inconvenience, and you commit the deed of using the fictional system you have been unconsciously supporting to finally seal the (w)hole of you mind by filing your last fictional paper "owned" by your indebted mindset.
Using The Assignment of Consent you have remedied a huge harm and detriment suffered by this Universe by plugging
the (w)hole of your energy being used as a utility transmitter. You reached "legal majority"
You have rebutted all false claim upon you and now you are ready to begin
this new reality of Ministering your Divine Self.

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Lawful Remedy

Remedying ~
the rem- to dying

Before you can begin to build you have to have a foundation. This is Universal Law. Lawful Remedy is Ministered through filing a MORHRD which can be emailed for you to print. This begins the process to remedy the matter on a platform that hears the truth and speaks the truth and sees the truth of all evil. Once the evidence to support the claim is served after 3 months and no longer a Ministerial Hearing will be held for the respondents to appear to answer the claim that is considered for its merits and evidence. Should the Respondents not respond a Perfect Writ is created and the Respondents brought before the court to defend the claim. A member of the community acting on the "legal majored" authority of the people of the community "Orchestrates" the process while 11 other members determine the matter. The Ministry works for the people, is directed by the people and determined by the people. A valid and Lawful remedy is ministered which will include rehabilitation in a secured unit should the respondent be proven beyond all shadow of a doubt to have committed harm.

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